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Wild Fusion Achieves Game-Changer Rank on Clutch

Here at Wild Fusion, we are dedicated to making innovative marketing solutions to help our clients launch their exciting ideas and solve unique challenges. Since our inception, we’ve shown how committed we are to providing high-quality services consistently across the boards. We are a team of passionate marketers, designers, innovative growth marketing agency and writers that are not afraid from thinking outside the box.

We’ve been in the industry for 13 years, and we’ve never been the ones to hold back when taking on challenges. It’s because of this that we’ve scaled the industry and continue to rack up stellar reviews on Clutch, a B2B market research platform from Washington DC. The site is known for its data-driven content that’s published to help potential corporate clients connect with reliable service providers.

According to Clutch, Wild Fusion earned the title of game-changer among mobile marketing agencies in Kenya because of the stellar partnerships we’ve had over the years. Of course, we wouldn’t be rejoicing over this feat without the support of our beloved clients. Their testimonials mean a lot to us because we’re able to showcase our craft and drive. We are beyond grateful for their earnest insights and feedback.

“They go above and beyond what we propose to the client. They’re a perfect partner and they’re very creative. We only work with them, because we tried a couple of other agencies in the past and those relationships weren’t too pleasant.” — General Manager, Media Sales Firm

“Wild Fusion has pioneered our online presence. It’s clear that they’ve had a huge impact, and their work has generated organic growth. Wild Fusion has provided everything we wanted, and everybody’s proud of the result. Their team is very young, which means they’re dynamic and can think outside the box to solve problems.” — Corporate Communications, Nestoil Group

Thank you so much to everyone who believed in us and cheered for our growth along the way. We can’t help but be extremely proud of the work we’ve successfully done with you all. Cheers!

Work with a game-changer in the scene! Work with Wild Fusion is ready to partner with you. Connect with us and let’s get down to business.

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Due to our esteemed reputation, we’ve noticed the misuse of the “Wild Fusion” name for fraudulent activities such as fake job postings, crypto currency investments and other scams. Wild Fusion has no involvement in these.

Please exercise due diligence when dealing with parties using our name.