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The power of animated awesomeness, user response, enhanced communication, and story-telling.

Imagine a Danfo or Uber guy wanting to drive like a Formula One (F1) driver at a speed of 200km+/hr you can imagine what will happen right? Not everyone can try this motion madness that’s why Formula One keeps getting a lot of viewers year in and year out because it interests a lot of people driving at this pace.

For an F1 driver, every corner is a calculated distance, every gear shift is precise with the harmony of sound and motion. But what if I told you that the world of Formula One and the world of motion graphic design are pretty related?

Just like drivers rely on speed, precision, and awareness of detail to navigate the racetrack, motion graphic designers thoughtfully craft visual narratives using timing, fluidity, and synergy of design elements: Typography, shapes, lines, colors, 3D elements, textures, and values all come together, each frame placed to tell a story and evoke emotion.

A well-crafted motion graphics project, with its seamless integration of video footage sound and images, can grab the attention of viewers from the very start until the final frame, prompting them to take the desired action to Improve brand reputation, increase brand presence, optimize brand positioning, attract and convert customers, increase customer advocacy etc.

Here are the parallel between Formula One and motion graphic design are so dynamic:

1. The excitement of Speed: Both Formula One and motion graphics thrive on a sense of momentum. In Formula One, the drivers blur past at lightning speed, creating a breathtaking show. Motion graphics, on the other hand, use design elements and transitions to drive users through the narrative, keeping them engaged and eager to see what unfolds next.

2. The act of Precision:  Every element in a Formula One car, from the detailed designed wings to the perfectly balanced suspension, plays a crucial role in performance. In motion graphics, each design decision, from the placement of text to the animation of shapes and other elements, contributes to the overall impact and clarity of the message.

3. The unity of Details: A Formula One driver is attuned to every distinction of their car, the track, and their competitors. Motion graphic designers possess a similarly keen eye for detail, ensuring that every element, from the color palette to the font choice, aligns with the project’s goals and resonates with the target audience.

4. The art of Storytelling: Formula One races are not just about speed; they are stories of competition, strategy, and human drama on the track. Motion graphics excel at narratives, using visuals, sound, and motion to captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression.

Just like a Danfo driver or Uber guy is not an F1 driver, motion designers are not Cinematographers, Graphic designers, animators, product designers. They must understand the 

  • Principle of design to create an effective and attractive design composition
  • Overlapping action which adds realism and dynamism
  • Object exaggeration during movement adding personality and emphasising impact
  • Anticipation which builds tension and guides the viewer’s attention
  • How objects accelerate and decelerate which adds realism and expressiveness
  • Speed, distance, and flow of movement, impact the emotion and clarity of your project.

Some of the digital tools to create this amazing awesomeness: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D, Blender etc. Experimenting with different software and exploring online resources can help you discover the tools that best suit your workflow.

So, the next time you witness or see the awe-inspiring exciting event of a Formula One race, take a moment to appreciate the parallels with the world of motion graphic design. Both disciplines demand thorough planning, razor-sharp focus, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. And when they hit the mark, both can leave us breathless, exhilarated, and eager to see what comes next.

Ebenezer Akande

Content Creator


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