Strategic Marketing Planning: What Role Does it Play in Digital Campaigns?
Strategic Marketing Planning: What Role Does it Play in Digital Campaigns?

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April 3, 2014 · 6 min read

Strategic Marketing Planning seems like a mouthful so let’s start by breaking it down. Strategy is an essential planning activity and it is an intrinsic part of efficient and effective marketing. Hence the purpose of strategy is to achieve marketing goals in an efficient and effective manner.

While a marketing strategy is an explanation of the goals a brand needs to achieve its marketing efforts a marketing plan on the other hand is the application of the strategy that will guide you from point A to point B. For the purpose of this article, both terms shall be merged into one.

Marketing Strategy is a blue print that elaborates systematic, interconnected and logical step by step processes for achieving marketing goals. It specifies day-by-day activities geared towards reaching the desired destination according to the marketer’s road map.

As it relates to digital campaigns, it is simply looking at the best way to achieve the objectives of a digital campaign effectively and efficiently. The Marketing Strategy of a digital campaign addresses the requirements or needs of that specific campaign.

For every campaign, certain objectives have been set, both marketing and communication objectives (click for the difference between the two).

Strategic Marketing involves deciding the best route or the most effective road map to achieving the digital campaign objectives.This involves analysing various factors like (but are not limited to) the internal and external environment of the product involved in the campaign, the market/industry, its current situation, its competition, its target and SWOT. The budget, action plans, the evaluation methods and sometimes a project chart will also be contained in the Marketing Plan.

The tactical digital marketing tools to be used for the campaign will be determined by the campaign objectives and analysis done in the marketing plan as well as the message the campaign should be carrying. For example, the tools to be used will be dependent on factors like the target audience, the brand positioning and the campaign objectives.

A digital campaign without strategic marketing is like an Air plane without Navigation Map. The Pilot will have absolutely no idea how to get to his destination despite knowing the desired destination. Without a strategic marketing plan in a digital campaign, a company could waste resources or miss opportunities. What’s the cost of missing an opportunity? It may not be known at the time you realize the opportunity has been missed, but years later it will become clear.

Simply put, the annual cost of a strategic marketing plan and its review is minuscule compared to the revenue, market share, and profitability it can generate. Every element of the plan is very important and they have a part to play in effectively and efficiently achieving the marketing goal.

Nothing should be taken for granted and nothing or very little should be left to chance.


Temitayo Ige is a brand enthusiast who is passionate about all things branding. She is a Digital Media Strategist by day and a professional photographer all day.  Dancing and teaching kids are other areas she is fanatical about.

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