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Rethinking your Video Strategy for 2019 – The 3H Approach

It’s not too hard to see why video is so popular these days — for one thing, it’s an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information online. This would be why the world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube social video per day.

Hubspot reports that 97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products, and you would agree that if a consumer has a thorough understanding of how a product meet his need he will be more likely to convert

90% of consumers also claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision according to a research by Social Media Today. These and many more revealing research are compelling reasons why you should consider integrating video marketing in your overall marketing strategy.

However, it is quite clear that many business already understand this as 81 % of businesses are now using video for marketing Hubspot but unfortunately many do not have a working strategy for their video content, this article is thus dedicated to address that.  Let’s talk about Google’s/YouTube 3H strategy, we are a fan of this strategy not only because it has been proven by many brand including Gillette’s, Red Bull, Honda, Johnnie Walker etc. But it also emphasizes the need for a brand to be consistent with video content while paying even more attention to consumer’s interest.

Hero Content

This type of video are those popular video we often refer to as viral video. Brand often spend millions of naira producing this kind of video and even more advertising it. Brands usually go big on this type of content to create massive awareness about a product launch or to announce a new feature of their existing product. According to YouTube, Hero content are usually done one or two times in a year and will remain relevant even after so many years due to its great storytelling approach.

Volvo Hero Content

Hub Content

Hub content are usually built around viewer’s interest which encourages them to keep coming back and ultimately be part of your community as long as the content remain valuable. A video series a usually a typical example of a Hub content. This contents are usually released at regular and predictable interval. This is particularly a good strategy to stay relevant and can be easily interpreted as an always on approach to video content. Airtel and GTBank are few local brands thriving with Hub content

Hygiene/Help Content

As much as people visit YouTube to be entertained, they equally visit to search for educative videos about a need or a particular product. Hygiene contents are contents built around what your audience are searching for about your product or category. A detergent brand can build content around how to clean oil stain, a automobile brand can create content about the meaning of dashboard lights. A How-to series is practically a strategy any brand can adopt. You can gain insight into what people are searching for about your product by using any of the several keywords research tools available.

Final Thoughts.

The Hero-Hub-Hygiene Framework is a great strategy for your video content in 2019 as each layer of this approach reinforces each other. The Hero content, released once or twice in a year creates enough buzz for your product and drive a great return on investment as you see sales boom as a result of your advertisement.

The Hub content sustains the Hero content by creating videos that align with consumers’ interest. This type of content keeps you coming back to your channel and increases your community base while you maintain your brand presence. You get more organic followership and people become advocate for your brand.

Lastly, the hygiene content on the other hands ensures you remain relevant within your category as you tend to have solution to any problem your audience are researching about. It also on the other hand increases your search visibility and drive more people to your YouTube channel where they can as well consume your Hub contents.

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