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Kill Three Birds With One Stone: 7 Benefits of Using Videos In Marketing

Videos combine Motion, Text & Sound, three important elements in any marketing plan. Yet not many businesses use this medium. And I wonder why.

I remember growing up watching one of my favorite cartoons ‘Jungle Book’ where one of the fictional characters got hypnotized for whatever reason. I was so fascinated with what I saw. I remember always trying to hypnotize my mum; when i wanted a bigger piece of meat, or my teacher; when i didn’t do my assignment and wanted a pardon, or my friends; when i wanted their toy soldiers. Basically I began to understand the effect of videos in marketing. I have since adopted videos in everything I do.

Here are 7 reasons why your business should integrate videos in marketing:


Today, people are hungry for information, but want it fast. They would rather spend a few minutes watching a video than spend 15 minutes reading a text. So Businesses need to use this medium to sell themselves to their target audience on the go!


Videos in marketing help you reach millions of people within a short period of time without hurting your wallet. Imagine the benefits to your business if your video goes viral. There is no other form of marketing that can offer such impressive results at such a low price. And if you know of any, kindly educate me in the comments section. However, take a look at Volvo’s viral video:


With our Computers, Televisions, Smart phones and Tablets all connected to the internet, it’s only an upload away for your business to receive the attention you so require. YouTube & Vimeo are at your disposal. They have millions of views everyday. Plus they can be optimized to rank highly on search engines. Just imagine somebody searching for your type of service and product on Google and …then suddenly your video pops up! They’ll immediately click on it for more info. Major Key!


Explaining how your products or service works using videos will retain interested customers, and even engage “window shoppers’ who may later, by word of mouth, tell a friend about the video they saw whenever a trigger topic comes up. Free advertising. Another Major key. Take a look at this tech video from Marquess Brownlee:

Lasting Impression

Videos leave a lasting impression in the hearts of their viewers, and get more and more attention over time. Usually ads die out within a short time, but opposite is true with viral videos, so you will continue to reap benefits for years.


Videos and sound are like bread and beans, they go too well together. If your video is compelling enough visually, imagine the added benefit of sound. If your video gets outdated, your sound (audio or speech) lives on. If that sound is played any time in the future, people will immediately relate with it. A good example is this old Oreo cookies commercial:


Finally the expectation from a video can be manipulated with text. A simple video can be very powerful when accompanied with a caption, and the message depends on the type of business you operate.

With that being said, go forth now and make videos!

About Henry

I’m a senior associate in the Social Media & Content Development department. My kryptonites are food & sneakers/shoes. I recently became a vlogger on YouTube and I’m enjoying the process of shooting and editing videos.

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