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Instagram’s Latest Update: a RAT race OR copy CATS?

Did you hear about Instagram’s latest update..Yep… No? Ok, read about it here then come back and read this.

So yes, Instagram’s latest update has introduced Stories. This allows you to upload videos and images with cool effects and drawing benefits in a slideshow which disappear after 24 hours.

If you feel like you’ve heard that before, you probably have. That’s exactly how Snapchat functions. Facebook probably saw an opportunity to increase their user base by adding this feature, who knows?

But this got us thinking. Is this a rat race? Or are they just being copy cats?

With such an obvious similarity like this from Facebook, there are bound to be negative reviews on the part of who “copied” who, which is great! We love giving our feedback as consumers.

But let’s shift the focus a little away from Instagram. Let’s focus on Snapchat for a sec; why did people fall in love with Snapchat in the first place? Because it allowed them share their videos and pictures of the moment live with friends while retaining a great level of privacy. Exactly, the keyword is “live”.

But Snapchat recently introduced ‘Memories’ which allows you to upload not-so-live-videos or pictures from your gallery to your story, therefore eliminating the original essence of LIVE and fresh contents. And becoming somewhat to a photo sharing app à la Instagram.

Now back to Instagram, they may be on their chairs reading all the feedback and feeling all sorry for themselves, or they may be ecstatic about it, knowing that this tactic might keep users glued to their platform rather than shuffling between Instagram and Snapchat at regular intervals.

So then, we have Instagram and Snapchat; two awesome companies trying to deliver the best user experience. What’s your take?

Here’s what some of us at Wild Fusion have to say about Instagram’s latest update:

Mosun: Instagram wants to be Snapchat so bad. #CopyCats

Prashant: I get that it’s a great feature but giving it the same name is just straight up plagiarism. Fail on Facebook’s part imo. #CopyCats

Agatha : Think big, do bigger, make better. #RatRace

Henry: Instagram’s latest update is cool, I’ll end up using IG even more now, which is my preferred social media over snapchat anyway #RatRace.

Kelechi: Instagram!!! there’s a reason your name isn’t ‘Snapchat’…*rme* cos you both have 2 unique offerings/styles that are amazing in their own ways! Now IG is just bleh to me! Couldn’t even change the name or add a twist to it… #CopyCats

Onyeka : Instagram’s latest update is awesome #RatRace

Let us know your thoughts about Instagram’s latest update! Tweet @WildFusion with the #RatRace if you are in support of the new IG update or #CopyCats if you are against it.

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