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Email Optimization For Beginners: Laying Out A Foundation.

Email Optimization For Beginners – For every marketer, this topic might well be an old one, but I’m sure there are a few people out there who are just beginning this journey on email marketing services. Something you should know about email, its permission based marketing. People sign up on your email list, giving you permission to market directly to them; don’t take that for granted because you could be out of their mail box faster than you came in. However tough the playing field has become, there still is a great potential in email marketing. And so for every marketer already into or just starting out in email marketing, here are a few of my findings:

1.       Have a specific goal

There is nothing worse than a misguided marketer. Working without a set goal in mind can be a daunting task.Your goal may be increasing open rates and click through rate, increasing conversion rate, generating traffic or leads, or increasing product feedback… The list is endless. But come what may, if you have no end goal in mind, you would probably end up getting lost in the spam folder. Quick heads up here, it’s best that your goals be in line with that of your company as a whole, don’t be the stray dog and go your way. You’re just one part of a big machine, be sure you are moving in the same direction with the marketing team.

2.       Get some ideas

You need a lot of information on the set problem before attempting to solve it if not you’re bound to get lost from the start. You need to know exactly what you are going into, you would need documentations of past optimization tests run by professionals. Without this knowledge, you would be completely lost and unaware of the potential that lies within. I have found to be of great value to me. I am sure you would find it useful too.

3.       Create a test template

Nothing works better than having a road map to follow In order to properly carry out optimization tests; you must have laid out several elements of the mail you would like to test. For example, the call to action, button types and color, subject line formats, use of image or text… these things have to already be in your arsenal if not you would wake up one morning and realize you have no idea what you should be doing today. It is also important to have a spread sheet, I have realized from past experiences that it helps you accomplish more.

4. Prepare for the worst
I am assuming you know that there are bound to be disappointments, both planned and unplanned. You should always have this at the back of your mind; it will keep you in check when things go wrong. That is why it is important to test to find out what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right.  

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