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3 Reasons Digital Marketing is Working in Ghana

Online marketing works – period. It works in Italy and it works in the US. It works in South Africa and in Japan. It works in any country where consumers are active online and brands are willing to be strategic and creative. Ghana is certainly arriving late to the party if you compare our digital marketing landscape to more advanced countries, but we were invited to the party so that’s all that matters. Here are 3 reasons digital marketing is working for intelligent brands in Ghana who have invested in it

1. Increase in Internet Penetration & Accessibility
The National Communications Authority, last year, announced that internet penetration was at an all-time high of 40.7% by August end. Essentially, the number of data subscribers in Ghana is worth 10 million. 3 years ago it was about 3 million. The proliferation of smartphones has certainly contributed to the accessibility and increase in internet usage. The web is now a button tap away for close to half of the Ghanaian population. As more people have migrated online, brands that are able to capitalize on the trend are able to speak to a larger pool of people and reinforce their offline marketing campaigns online.

2. Evolution of Consumers’ Online Behavior
Not only are consumers online but their activities online are evolving as well. Concurrently, their expectations of brands are evolving too. Gone are the days when all Ghanaians did online was check their email and visit chat rooms. These days Ghanaians want more utility from their online interactions. They are using the internet more often, for longer periods and for a wider array of activities. They are consuming content, interacting with their social networks and searching for information. More importantly, they are beginning to complete transactions online with the advent of e-commerce sites like Zoobashop, Kamu, Ahonya etc. and the development of online payment systems. Forward thinking brands can run both awareness and direct response campaigns online because online conversions are possible and more convenient for consumers.

3. Offline Fatigue
If you have driven 10 minutes in Accra you will attest that for every time you blink there are 10 billboards. The sheer volume of advertising that exists offline makes it difficult for any brand to cut through the clutter. Online, however, very few brands are marketing and even fewer are marketing well. It is easier to stay top of mind with consumers in this space because there are less people fighting for their attention. If you are able to grab their attention, chances are you will hold it.

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