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Clients Want Rock Stars: How to Be Exceptional At Client Services

For someone with a really short ‘circuit’, it remains a wonder to me how I’m able to effectively ‘manage’ my clients. Managing humans can be a bit dicey especially as there are no set working rules cast in stone. What applies to Client S may or may not apply to Client L.

Most clients want superstars and miracle workers. They see you as that saviour to produce all their deliverables, no matter how unrealistic. This puts you in a fix most times, seeing as they forget you are also human half the time.

My experience as a Client Service Executive thus far, has thrown me to different categories of clients. I have been faced with clients who give you an ‘Ibadan Budget’ but want a ‘Los Angeles Production’.Truth is when you look at the bigger picture, situations like those push to you become exceptional and amazing at what you do. You never know how confident, resourceful, professional and firm you are, till you are in one of those extra difficult fixes.

However, as a Client Service Executive, there are certain characteristics you must ‘adorn’ to become exceptional:

  • Don’t wear your sad/frustrated emotions on your sleeve: The only emotion you are allowed to wear when dealing with your client is your happy face. Try not to be obvious when you are irritated or ticked off by some decisions taken. This is not saying you should have no opinions; Air your professional opinions but do so with a smiling face 🙂
  • Be polite but firm: We can’t all agree with each other’s decisions but when we don’t, be sure to make your professional standpoint clearly, calmly, firmly and politely.
  • Research a lot. Don’t get beaten at your own game: Read up on everything and anything related to your business as well as your clients’. This is to ensure you are well grounded during intellectual conversations/arguments/discussions/decisions.
  • Go the extra mile: Always be willing to give your client an extra ‘treat’. If they ask for 1000 conversions, give them 1001. These ‘little’ things will go a long way in building trust in your ability to produce results.
  • Remember the personal stuff: People always say they don’t mix business and pleasure,However, there are some pleasures concerning your client’s life that must be mixed with your business. Examples are your client’s birthday, wedding anniversary, child’s dedication, promotion etc. You don’t necessarily have to get them a gift too expensive. A short but sincere message acknowledging that day might suffice in some cases.

These gestures will work wonders in your day to day client relationships and may even go further in cementing a life-long business relationship, all things being equal 🙂


A lover of photography, writing, travelling and most importantly food, Kelechi Amogu is also a Client Service Executive at Wild Fusion. 

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