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Beyond Snap Map’s privacy war: how Nigerian brands can leverage Snap Map for B2B / C marketing

Fun fact:

It would take you 10 years to view all the photos shared on Snapchat in the last hour.

Engagement on Snapchat is off the charts, and many companies are already taking advantage of that – pushing their brand messages and herding their rabid followers towards sales.

Snap Map, the latest addition to Snapchat’s suite of features allows friends see their exact location on a map. It is a contentious feature. On one hand is Snapchat that maintains the feature will improve user experience. And on the other are privacy advocates who are concerned that it poses privacy risks, especially to young preteens. It’s a little war a-brewing.

For the foreseeable future, though, Snap Map won’t be going anywhere.  And this is brilliant news for brands. If you were wondering how to leverage Snap Map for your brand, we have some bright ideas:

1. Encourage customers to post content to Snapchat when they are in your store

Each addition to someone’s story from your address/location helps build your store into a Snapchat hotspot (What’s a Snap hotspot? These are places where a lot of people are sharing snaps). This will build hyperlocal awareness for your brand organically and put you on the map – literally. E.g. A Domino’s can offer free sides or 5% off pizza pricing if people snapped while at their location.

2. Share your business snaps to “Our Story”

If there is enough of your content viewable on Snap Map, Snapchat users around your location can engage with your content (whether or not they follow your brand) and patronise your business. E.g. An auto shop in Ojuelegba could attract customers from Yaba and Surulere if it posts on “Our Story”. This means you have to post / document as often as possible.

3. Create traffic by encouraging influencers to snap at your location/event so it becomes a hotspot

If your business or event has a lot of people sharing snaps, it can create build awareness when people search the map, even more so when influencers with thousands of followers do. E.g. Toke Makinwa and Toolz posting snaps of their smoothie at Nuli Juice Bar.

4. Focus on making your location a hotspot during promotions/clear outs

Nothing more needs to be said here.  When the important things are happening in your store, let everyone know about it. E.g. Silverbird Cinemas can implore customers to post snaps of their popcorns with location on, on days they offer free popcorn for every ticket purchase or on any normal day, in fact.

5. Position non-digital ads around existing Snap hotspots

And what if your business does not have anything interesting going on that can serve as a Snap hotspot? Use the maps to find hotspots where you can place non-digital brand messaging like billboard displays or, more spontaneously, fliers that can be handed out about your business.

Snap Map adds a fresh layer to engagement on Snapchat and while uptake is still lagging among local brands, the brands that move early into Snapchat marketing will reap early rewards.

In the inspired words of Kevin Roberts, former CEO at Saatchi & Saatchi; “to be out front can be lonely and uncomfortable, but remember, the lead husky gets the best view”

Be the lead husky.


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This article was written by  Adedayo Adegoke, a Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Wild Fusion, Africa’s leading Digital Marketing Agency who is psyched about using a wide range of media to build and sustain a good image for brands. She enjoys the challenge of being able to deliver quality content

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