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Social Media Statistics in Recent Times in the In.


We all love social media and for the most part we interact with our friends and family and sometimes our favourite brands. However, most people don’t bother to find out the demographics and user behaviour of the various social networking sites.I did some digging for fun facts and stats about your favourite social networks. I hope you find these interesting and unbelievable as I did. But bear in mind; they are all TRUE!

FACT No.1: 35 Million selfies were posted to Instagram in 2013.

My first thought was who had the all-important job of counting those selfies? What’s his job description? Selfie-Counter? No. I think Self Portrait Aggregator (SPA) sounds better. On a more serious note, this points to a trend that has come to stay. Is this indicative of a generation that is becoming self-absorbed or one that is more confident in themselves? That’s for you to answer. After you are done with this piece, take a selfie and upload to Instagram with the hash tag #WildSelfie. Let’s see how many selfies the SPA at Instagram will record by the end of 2014.

FACT No.2: 69% of Pinterest users are female.

That is the percentage of females on Pinterest.Pinterest which allows users to group and share their interests in picture form has grown to become one of the biggest social media platforms. It is certainly the biggest in terms of referrals to retailers especially e-commerce websites. Seeing as Pinterest is pretty much window shopping on your phone, tablet or computer, it is surprising that the percentage of female users isn’t higher.

FACT No.3: 8 new users are added to Google+ every second.

I’m still not sure why Google is cagey about details of Google+ users because this is an impressive number, unless the number of active users are low. I understand that for brands and people looking to communicate, there aren’t many Africans active there to make it exciting but it is Google for Pete’s sake; what they may be lacking in interactivity, they will surely make up for in reach and data.

FACT No.4 :95% Facebook users log into their account every day.

It is no secret that Facebook is the biggest and most engaged social networking site in the world, and it will stay that way for a while.  What is interesting is the level to which users are attached to the platform. There are over a billion users of Facebook worldwide, which makes 95% of that, a pretty daunting figure. For the new school social media addicts who think Facebook is dying, this is a statistic to make you reconsider.

FINALLY, FACT No.5 : Social Media has overtaken Porn as the No.1 activity on the internet.

This point is self-explanatory. After careful assessment of this point; I have come to the conclusion that it is self-explanatory. All I will add is; the next time you feel the urge to complain about someone’s social media addiction, take a minute to consider the alternative.



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